Photographer: Seph Lawless

Welcome to fright night!

Here’s a Halloween playlist I’ve curated for your creepy night of fright nights!! Though I’m an MJ devotee, I haven’t included ‘Thriller’ as it’s beyond over played, I’ve hand picked other tracks from the spooky archives that don’t get as as much of a look-in during Halloween. I’ve thrown in iconic theme songs from ‘The Exorcist’ and John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’, 50’s/rockabilly (can’t go past The Goo Goo Muck, so good!) through to Talking Heads, The Specials, The Cure, it’s a mish-mash of tunes that will send chills down your spine! Parental advisory warning: don’t play Aphex Twin when the kids knock on the door for trick or treat! Just recalling the video (below) will scare the beejeesus outta anybody….EEEK

Come To Daddy (Directed by Chris Cunningham, 1997)


Push the Button (disclaimer: this is not named after the Sugababes song) has been whipped up by Charlie Villas, a Sydney-based DJ and music curator. It  contains reflections on her three fave things in life – music, pop culture, and style, and weaves connections amongst these along the way.